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The best type of dentistry is prevention dentistry! Keeping up on your smile and catching problems early is much better than waiting until you are faced with a dental emergency. Regular trips to the dentist can pay off and save you money down the road, allowing you to address problems as they arise and keep your teeth clean and healthy.

When you make a trip to your dentist for a regular check-up you will receive x-rays, a careful exam and a thorough cleaning. The x-rays will let your dentist know if there are any underlying issues beneath the surface of your teeth. The exam allows your dentist to check for sensitivity, tooth decay and gum soreness. A thorough teeth cleaning on a regular basis is very important as it cleans the build-up and plaque that a daily brushing may not be able to take care of. Once your dentist completes your check-up, he can let you know of any issues he has detected and help you stay on the right track to keeping a beautiful healthy smile.

If you’re searching for a dentist in Austin, TX, give us a call! We would love to provide you with the dental care that you deserve! Be kind to your smile by making regular trips to your dentist!

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