Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary when a tooth is damaged and spreading decay to the surrounding teeth. Extractions can be a good thing for your smile if it saves your other teeth. In other instances, a baby tooth may not come out soon enough and an extraction can save the other teeth from shifting out of place. An extraction can be done along with sedation to allow you to feel completely comfortable and relaxed during your entire appointment! Sedation dentistry can help make extractions quick and pain-free!

Once the extraction is complete, your dentist can discuss the best options for replacing your missing tooth. From implants to bridges, there are options that can easily restore your smile. Your dentist will be able to help you with the best treatment plan for your teeth. An extraction can save your smile and you can then take steps toward restoring your missing tooth as well!

If you think you may need an extraction in Austin, TX, call Masterpiece Smiles today! We can set up a consultation to find out the best treatment options for your smile!

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