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There is nothing like a confident smile – but that confidence can quickly disappear when you have damaged teeth. A new smile not only helps you enjoy life, but also restores your confidence! But just how do you attain this new smile? That’s where cosmetic dentistry comes in. There are many ways a smile can be restored from crowns to tooth bonding. Finding the right solution to your smile is the key! One appointment with your dentist can help you determine a treatment plan that is not only desirable, but also within reach! Call today to set up a consultation and take the first step towards a confident smile!


One area of cosmetic dentistry is dental crowns. Crowns can replace missing teeth and also be placed over damaged teeth. Crowns can save a decaying tooth from damaging the surrounding teeth and also restore the look of a tooth that has been chipped or broken. Your dentist can color-match the crown to the surrounding teeth, blending the crown in with your smile by giving it a natural look!


Bridges are used for missing teeth by connecting to the surrounding teeth and creating a place for a crown to fit in the gap. Bridges are durable and long-lasting with proper upkeep. This is one route your dentist may suggest if you need a solution to missing teeth.


Do you have a discolored or damaged tooth you’d like to restore? Veneers could be the perfect solution! These porcelain shells are used to cover damaged or discolored teeth, giving you a complete smile once again. Veneers are a simple, painless option that your dentist may recommend when you set up your consultation!


Tooth Bonding is made of resin and used in a few different ways to help restore teeth. It can be used to fix unwanted space between teeth, restore chipped teeth or protect damaged teeth. The bonding material is color-matched to the tooth so it naturally blends in with your smile! Bonding is a quick and easy fix for tooth restoration.

If you are looking for tooth restoration in Austin, TX, and would like a personalized treatment plan, call Masterpiece Smiles today! We would love to get you on a successful path towards a restored and beautiful smile!

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